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Factors to consider in a boarding school

Admitting a child to a boarding school is a tough decision. But with the assurance that the school you have admitted your child in, is a great one, the parent can breathe a sigh of relief. Hot and nutritious meals, care and concern by the matron, a disciplined life and facilities for physical development – […]

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CBSE Vs State Board – All You Need to Know About Education Boards

The choice between CBSE and Sate Board has been at the end of every parent’s debate for which one to choose. As far as the students are concerned, they too seem divided in their opinion. The reason why choosing the right between the two is important because it can affect your life and career choices […]

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Benefits of proper schooling at a young age

A good school makes a good person. The culture of learning, sharing and host of other things begin in school. The most pertinent and rudimentary education your child receives is in schools through various forms – be it through teachers, books, practicals, games, etc. A school helps a child discover herself and face the world […]

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Choosing Between Day School and Boarding School

If you are confused between boarding school and a day school, then you are not the only parent. There are plenty of parents out there who face the same dilemma. It is never easy for a parent to decide which school is the best. This decision becomes tougher when the choice is between a day-school […]

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Co-ed Schools Vs Single Sex Schools – Which is Better?

Debating in your mind about a co-ed schools or a single sex schools? Let us discuss what makes one better than the other. The debate regarding a choice between co-ed schools and single sex schools has been an ongoing one. Parents offer wonder if they should enrol their children in one over the other. While […]

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Make Your Child Boarding School Ready

Boarding schools are a big decision for you as a parent and also for the child who will be leaving the safety of home behind and enter the world of strangers, that too, without their parents to look out for them. It is scary and nightmarish for any child. If you fail to address this […]

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Give Your Child the Gift of Perfect Education

Don’t only focus on your child’s education, give him/her the perfect environment too. Schools with good infrastructure encourage better learning. Read this article to know more about importance of good infrastructure in your child’s education. Many people falsely believe that for gaining knowledge it doesn’t matter where it being imparted. If one wants to study, […]

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Benefits of Co-ed Education

Learning in a co-educational environment is a very crucial aspect of your child’s camaraderie with the opposite sex. This article will educate the parents about the importance of making their children study in co-ed schools. Co-education is extremely necessary today, especially when the gender divide is at present all-time high. Unless the kids are educated […]

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